Friday, 22 May 2015

What goes around comes around

My Nanan is 86 years old and has just recently been moved in to a long term nursing home. Dad, my auntie and uncle went to clear her house out today (the way that feels when she's still HERE is a whole other post) and they have strong suspicions that a member of the family has been and emptied every penny out of her home. She saves money religiously and has always said, 'if anything ever happens to me, check everywhere because there's money hidden all over!'  They've been today and have found £6. Six fucking quid. I'm so angry but we can't prove anything. I swear I hope karma comes in the form of razor blade diarrhoea. 

Sick fuck.
The worst part is that my nanan would have just GIVEN it to him if he had just asked

Old age takes the piss. Not as much as sick fucks praying on the elderly but still...

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